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i started thinking that i was ok at this running thing when i was 8 years old when i ran my first school cross country race where i won and beat all of the 9 year olds too. 
throughout my school years i ran in cross country events and then began track running from 15 years old.
i would run cross country in the winter and then race track in the summer with my top level coming at the atlanta olympics in 1996.
from there i started trying the marathon and i was able to race to 21st place at the athens olympic games in 2004 - following the historical course from the town of marathon to athens.
but it was 6 years before in 1998 that i tried my first mountain race,
and i won my first world trophy mountain title on the island of la reunion in the indian ocean.
i have then run the mountains since then and i have been able to win 6 times the world mountain trophy.
with more than 40 mountain race records over the years i have achieved the things i have set myself in my sport and 
most importantly i have had a lot of fun and met great people along the way, including my wife!  

And of course, many MANY thanks for all the supporters and friends during this adventure.
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