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motueka quay studio design
i designed the studio while in the middle of my architecture studies and i used the 3 different functions (bedroom, bathroom, workshop) to define the form of this little building.  it occupies the corner giving privacy to that edge of the narrow long section and was designed to blend in to the garden that is now well established.
it reflects the idea that this is the first structure to be built on the section and so it is rooted to the land and it clearly differentiates itself from the main house building giving it a sense of being a permanent and historical part of the site. 

cedar window surrounds soften the aluminium joinery and a hand plastered finish gives it a rustic and permanent feel in contrast to the main building which has a more modern and crisp look.  a mix of roof forms mimic the different functions of this small building and doors from the workshop lead out to the tiled area.

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