motueka quay house design
the house has two distinct parts that are split by a glazed atrium space that brings light and warmth into the heart of the house.  tall two storey neighbouring buildings on each side and the narrowness of the site make this approach a good solution. 
the two large parts of the house share a pitched roof form and reflect the heritage of the tobacco drying sheds that are an historical vernacular in this area (tall corrugated iron structures).  motueka was the only part of new zealand designated for growing tobacco and these structures are unique to this area.  the concrete elements are a reminder of the nearby takaka hill where rocky limestone outcrops thrust up through the ground.  
the contrast of these hard and heavy concrete forms versus the light weight construction of corrugated iron are key design themes.  the simple forms coming together and their interaction provides a richness and interest to the spaces and elements.  stained cedar is added to provide natural warmth and to soften the industrial materials of steel and concrete.  
there are strong horzontal lines to the house with the colorsteel cladding and cedar timber cladding and it contrasts with the vertical concrete elements that rise out from the ground.

careful attention was paid to balancing the elements visually.  the exploration of simple forms coming together in interesting ways is an aspect that I was especially pleased with in this design.

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wyatt house motueka quay

the rear part of the site is lifted above the ground with sprawling decks providing outdoor living space.  there is a lightness to this part of the house that contrasts with the thick and heavy walls of the front part and this lighter rear section swings away from being parrallel to the boundry with the connecting atrium working like a hinge.

this gives the building a dynamic feeling and the form is orientated to the view of the mt arthur range of mountains in the distance.
the front form addresses the street and sea views with the rear section bringing in the mountains that surround motueka.
a library annex and entry wall and courtyard complete the design and provided a barrier to the private space in behind the house while allowing a framing view out to the tidal estuary beyond the front gate.

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