the space is vaulted in the traditional farm building style where in the old days animals were housed there in cold winter months. 

a desire to retain the original forms and be sympathetic to the style and feel of the existing structure has resulted in the blending of the new exterior fabric with the existing.  it includes replicating but widening the arched entrance and there are new double doors into the arched vaulted space using some very old recycled timber floor boards used as a cladding lining for them.  

new tiles chosen to cover a previous owners concrete floor are in a colour that relects what would have been an earth floor in former times and floor mounted uplighting and edge strip lighting is reflected off the newly painted vaulted walls and ceiling.

apartment and garage renovation stage two
stage two is a new holiday apartment as well as a renovation of the storage and garage area that is accessed by the exterior ramp over the top of the stage one cellar dispay garage.

the apartment features a single living area and dividing screens to a double bedroom, an extra sleeping area under the roof with a mezzanine and a generous bathroom.

the challenge here is to address light and sun where nieghbouring buildings block out a lot of possibiliies.  strict heritage building laws mean that a reliance on dormer windows and skylights is necessary.

projects portfolio
garage cantina ziano

garage and cellar renovation
a desire to have a display space to house a classic car or two and the chance to completely renovate a section of a larger building presented itself.  logically the property is divided into two sections and the cellar display garage formed the first stage.

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