concept design for chalets at discovery lodge
the location is the beautiful alpine environment on the edge of tongiriro national park in the middle of new zealand's north island.  it's rugged alpine beauty and alpine tussock landscape were the big influences to make a cosy, warm chalet design that used hard wearing and high thermal performing materials. 

huge strawbale walls provide massive amounts of insulation suitable for this climate and easy access to the mountain views were priorities.  the roof hugs down low over the buildings making them feel sheltered, cosy and a tied down into the landscape.  decks provide the transition from indoors to outdoor and all are orientated for sun and views.  special features include a full fireplace, ski boot drying cupboard, and the capability to accommodate varied group sizes.

projects portfolio
discovery lodge luxury chalets

unfortunately the project didn't proceed due to resource consent difficulies relating to the existing sewrage system that needed upgrading.

the clients financial resources had to be used elsewhere.​
projects portfolio
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