here he is! a new zealander living in the heart of the dolomite mountains in northern italy. with a love of sport in nature it's a good combination.  married to antonella, he enjoys the italian culture and is inspired by beautiful details in quality design and in natural things.
"i have a big passion for design and architecture that comes through from my background of study:
6 years of university study finsihing with a bachelor of building science (hons.)
and a
bachelor of architecture (hons. 2nd)
i work for architecture firms on a contract basis and i am also enjoying working for outdoor sports companies on events and product related projects.  being self employed means i can organise my professional sports career where i specialise in long distance endurance sports especially trail and mountain running.

leading the world mountain running association where i work as president has given me experience in working with many varied groups and interests from all over the world.

i have experience in product development and testing, coaching, leading seminars, liasing with media, working on sports councils / commissions, managing sponsors and events. working under pressure and in different languages and cultures are all competencies that i have."


about jonathan

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